Connect on Sundays

On Sundays we have Deaf Worship lead by our Pastor Joe Dixon and our Deaf worship team. At the same time, Grace church offers an interpreted worship experience in the main chapel for those who are interested at 10:30 am.. Special note- Voicing IS provided on Sundays for any hearing who wish to join the Deaf Church service. Our goal is to provide everyone with multiple options for services.

In all services, childcare is available.



Connect with a Small Group using Ntouch 2 Video Techonology!

Throughout the week, we have several small groups that meet for Bible study using the new Sorenson Ntouch 2 technology. Up to 5 people can connect through video at the same time. Email Pastor Joe Dixon if you would like to join a small group at


Connect with Men’s and Women’s fellowship once a month.

This is mainly for those who attend our church regularly and are fluent in ASL. There is no voicing provided at these events.


Connect through Events

Please check our calendar for upcoming event times. These events are focused on fellowship and fun. 


Connect with our Pastor


Our Deaf Pastor has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. While not certified, he does offer Pastoral counseling to the Deaf community. If you would like to connect with our pastor, please contact him. or VP at 440-325-4254