BBS lesson 7

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In the last lesson, God lead Israel to Mt. Sinai and God gave them the ten commandments and instructions on how to build the tabernacle. In this lesson, God leads Israel to the Promised Land known as Canaan. In the Basic Bible Study, we learn that some of the Israelites doubted God and asked Moses to send spies into the land before entering. 12 spies were chosen. When the spies came back, they reported that the land was good but that the giants who lived in the land would be impossible to defeat. 10 of the spies felt Israel would not be able to conquer the land. 2 of spies, Joshua and Caleb, believed that God would give them victory over the land and encouraged Israel. Unfortunately, Israel chose to believe the 10 spies who were afraid. They did not believe God when He said He would give them victory. Because of this, God punished Israel. Anyone 20 years old or older would never be able to enter the land of Canaan. Israel would be forced to march in the wilderness for 40 years and those that were afraid to go into Canaan would all die. Their children would be ones to enter Canaan and obey God after the 40 years were over. You can read about this story in Deuteronomy chapter 1. In Chapter 29:5, we learn that during the 40 years the Israelites clothes and shoes did not wear out! God also provided them food and water!  You see, even though God punished them, He showed them love.  

Look at the chart on this page. In the first picture, you will see the route they took during the 40 years. After the 40 years were over, Moses died and Joshua took command of Israel. God then stopped the water in the Jordan River and allowed Israel to cross over dry land as they marched to the city of Jericho. You will see this in the second picture. Read Joshua 3-4 for more on this story. God orders Israel to march around the walls of Jericho for 7 days. On the 7th day, God ordered them to march 7 times and on the 7th time to blow trumpets and shout. As a result, the walls of Jericho fell down and they conquered the city easily! God then gave Israel the ability to conquer the rest of Canaan as you can see in the third picture. Each of the 12 tribes, except Israel was given a portion of the land to claim as their own. The tribe of Levi was the tribe of priests- they would receive gifts offered as sacrifices to God from each of the tribes.

When God gave them victory over Canaan, He asked them to not to let anyone from the enemy to live and not to marry any of their women. This is because they worshipped false gods. Sadly, Israel disobeyed God and let some of the enemy live and even married some of their women. When the women they married worshipped false gods, Israel began to worship their false gods. We will talk about this in the next lesson. For now, remember that Jesus’s family line continues through Israel and more specifically, through the tribe of Judah. This is where Jerusalem will later be founded.